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How it works

Restaurant Box showcases exceptional at home restaurant experiences from some of the UK's best restaurants and chefs. Browse by cuisine, location, skill level, occasion, or time commitment, to find the perfect Restaurant Box for you - whether it's from your favourite street-food joint, that Michelin-starred restaurant you've never visited, or an as yet undiscovered regional gem. Signature dishes can be re-created in your kitchen, with live cook-along instructions and all the hints and tips needed to bring your at-home restaurant experience to life. 

Here's how it works...

Your At Home Restaurant Experience


Choose Your Restaurant Box

Enter your postcode and delivery date then choose your favourite Restaurant Box according to your food passions, occasion, skill, time and ambition.


Meet The Chef

Restaurant Box trailers are presented by the restaurant’s own Executive Chef to introduce you to the authentic ingredients, signature dishes, preparation and serve for their box.



Perfectly Delivered

Once ordered your Restaurant Box will be freshly prepared, carefully packed and delivered on your chosen day in temperature controlled packaging.


Cook Along & Enjoy

For full wow factor your Restaurant Box on-demand video will show you how to professionally prepare and plate your Restaurant Box in real time alongside the Restaurant’s Executive Chef.